Agricultural And Natural Resources And Development Department


One of the pillars of ATRBDA’s strategic direction is to stimulate high economic growth in the Central Region through facilitation of farmers capacity development and support in agriculture, natural resource management and rural development.

The Agriculture, Natural Resource and Rural Development Department of ATRBDA seeks to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management to enhance agricultural productivity, food security, environmental improvement and wealth creation, especially among the rural folk.

The department strives to facilitate the development of farmers and fishers’ skills and interest in agro-forestry, crop farming, forest plantation development and non-traditional farming businesses including fish farming, bee keeping, snail, mushroom and grasscutter farming through sensitization, education and skill-based training. This is done in collaboration with line agencies and development partners, especially the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Forestry Commission, CSIR, Environmental Protection Agency and the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies.

The department is responsible for promoting agriculture and natural resource development to enhance agricultural productively, food security, environmental management and wealth creation in the rural communities. It does this through facilitation of farmers’ capacity development in agro-forestry, crop farming and non-traditional farming businesses including, aquaculture and bee keeping. It also fosters linkage of farmers to markets and financial agencies for support.

The agriculture, natural resource and rural development strategy: ATRBDA has concerned itself much with reducing poverty levels in the region through enhancing productivity within the traditional agricultural and fisheries sectors and improving existing marketing channels.

Medium Term Plans

Strategy: Enhancing the agricultural value chain and biodiversity conservation practices for socio economic improvement

In line with the policy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, ATRBDA has a proposed strategy to focus on the facilitation of private sector led entrepreneurial- activities of the agricultural value-chain (pineapple, oil palm and fresh water fish) that will promote job creation and create wealth to boost the local economy.

Priority: To promote the growth of farming business opportunities for the unproductive youth and women in particular, create jobs and help conserve the natural endowments.

Priority areas:
Raw materials for industry and rural export development
Value addition to agricultural produce
Natural resource conservation
Job creation